The vice president of Derby University Judith Margaret Lamie

The vice president of Derby University Judith Margaret Lamie, the dean of engineering school at Derby University Nick Antonopoulos and the other professors were invited to visit Jiangsu University to negotiate the cooperative education project. 
Long Chen (the vice president of Jiangsu University) and Zhongxing Li (the head of international department) attended the reception and warmly welcomed the delegation. Then, the represents of the two universities made a detailed negotiation on cooperative education.
Also, Prof. Nick was employed as an adjunct professor of Jiangsu University given by the vice president Long Chen. Yongzhao Zhan, the dean of School of Computer Science and Communication Engineering at Jiangsu University, highly praised Prof. Nick, for his strong social responsibility and academic attainment. it was very meaningful for the development of Jiangsu University. Similarity, Prof. Nick presented that he was honored to be an adjunct professor and was looking forward to cooperation with Jiangsu University.



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