Prof. Jiangping Fan--Academic Report on Multi-task Learning

On June 1st, Prof. Jiangping Fan, who is working at University of North Carolina, was invited to give an academic report on multi-task learning in English. Prof. Fan firstly introduced the basic knowledge on multi-task learning and made the differences between the multi-task learning and single-task learning. In addition, he presented machine learning in a completely new way, which made the students learn a lot. The report not only provides a valuable opportunity for students to learn how to give an academic report in English, but broaden their horizon in a brilliant way.

Prof. Fan now is a doctoral supervisor and an IEEE member. His interesting areas are multimedia analysis and intelligent understanding, privacy protection and big data analysis and visualization. Also, he is the vise editor of numerous international journals, such as IEEE TPAMI, TIP, TKDE, and ACM TMCCA. Lots of papers have been published by him, including IEEE Trans, ACM Trans, the other SCI journals and conference papers.



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