Prof. Maozhen Li --High Performance Computing Paradigms and Technique

A fascinating academic report is given by Prof. Maozhen Li, who is working at Brunel University and is employed by Jiangsu University as a chair professor. The theme is mainly about High Performance Computing Paradigms and Technique and A MapReduce based Parallel Neural Network for Large Scale Machine Learning. You can hardly find a seat in the conference hall. 

This time, Prof. Li introduces a lot cloud computing, especially on MapReduce, which is related to the BP neural network that can use MapReduce and evaluate the accuracy and efficiency of parallel neural network. Given by numerous data models, students and teachers are attracted by the report. After that, Prof. Li answered the questions raised by students. 
The English report is beneficial for students in all aspects. On the one hand, it is a good opportunity to learn how to make a report in English in public; on the other hand, the students can know more about the most popular research in academic world. In this sense, it is a very successful report. 



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