Prof. Changsheng Xu--Connecting Isolated Social Multimedia Big Data

Aa a chair professor at Jiangsu University, Prof. Changsheng Xu, who is the dean of Computer Science and information School at HeFei University of Technology, gave an academic report on Connecting Isolated Social Multimedia Big Data. Yongzhao Zhan presided the report. A lot of people attended the report, including teachers, international students and graduate students. 
The report is mainly about Online Social Network (OSN), such as WeChat and QQ. Prof. Xu introduces fruitful knowledge about the OSN with numerous examples and data models. The report is so attractive that all students forget the time and immersed themselves into the scientific ocean. Especially for international students, the report provides a valuable opportunity for them to understand deeply the OSN knowledge. In all aspects, the report is very successful. 
Prof. Xu is also a researcher at Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences and a doctoral supervisor. In addition, he is working as the editor of several international journals. His interesting areas are multimedia analysis, pattern recognition, image processing and so on and so forth. 



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