Prof. Maozhen Li

Prof. Maozhen Li is working at Brunel University, researching on HPC. In 1999, he studied EPSRC project as a postdoctoral research assistant and pioneered in working on CORBA and MPI. In 2002, he continued researching on HPC and big data at Brunel University and participated in several HPC projects sponsored by GRIDPP and GRIDCC. Currently, cooperating with EPSRC, he is mainly analyzing on big data of smart grid. So far, he has published more than 100 publications provided by international journals. Besides, he is the member of British Computer Association.  
The report (A MapReduce based Parallel Neural Network for Large Scale Machine Learning) firstly introduce the basic knowledge on MapReduce which has become a major computing model in support of big data analytics. Then, prof. Li talks about how the back-propagation neural network can be parallelized using the MapReduce model in enabling large scale machine learning. In fact, three design schemes are considered during the parallelization process. Finally, the performance of parallel neural network is evaluated based on computing efficiency and accuracy.  
Through the fruitful lecture, the students gained a lot about MapReduce and machine learning. Without a doubt, this is a successful report.



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